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  • Database Administrator II - Library (open until filled) — West Jordan, (Part Time)
    $36.79/Hourly - $55.18/Hourly (Open till August 10, 2024)
    Creates databases, configures, and manages system database files. Identifies available space on data volumes, identifies the cause of performance degradation. Resolves backup/restore incidents. Identifies problematic execution plans. Monitors current sessions, identifies sessions that cause blocking activity, identifies sessions that consume resources, and configures the data collector. Configures an audit on SQL Server, queries the SQL Server audit log, and manages a SQL Server audit. Creates an availability group, configures read-only routing, manages failover, and creates distributed availability groups. Configures database performance settings, configures max server memory, configures the database scope, configures operators and alerts. Deploys cloud SQL Database, creates databases and resources in cloud. Works with user accounts and roles, secures database objects. Manages database object permissions, creates and maintains users, creates and maintains custom roles, and configures dynamic data masking. Implements database consistency checks, identifies database corruption, and recovers from database corruption. Assists with planning an IaaS or on-premises deployment, selecting the appropriate size for virtual machines, planning storage pools based on performance requirements, helps evaluate best practices for installation, and assists in design of storage layout for SQL Server virtual machines. Manages deployments that support multiple tenants. Identifies and repairs index fragmentation, identifies and creates missing indexes, identifies and drops underutilized indexes, and manages existing column store indexes. Supports the migration of databases from one environment to another. Configures log shipping, monitors log shipping. Under supervision and direction, acts as a backup to assist with very large databases when needed, configures alerting for failed backups, manages the process to back up database operating systems, manages transaction log backups, configures database recovery models, configures backup automation.
  • No current openings at the library

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Work at One of the Top Work Places in Utah
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Salt Lake County Library has been recognized as one of the Top Workplaces in the Wasatch Front.

The ability to positively impact the lives of others is one of the many reasons our jobs are both rewarding and satisfying. Our amazing team creates a thriving community hub where people eagerly share and implement good ideas. We are passionate about and truly committed to improving the life of our customers.

"Even with the millions of resources available to the public – our most valuable resource is our employees. Our team of staff, volunteers, community partners and customers truly make the County Library a great place to work!"—Library Director Jim Cooper


Why is the County Library such a great place to work?

The County Library consistently ranks among the top ten U.S. libraries that serve general populations from 500,000 to 999,999.

Library employees work in a variety of positions across our 18 libraries, two reading rooms, the satellite jail location, administration, support services and our facilities team. The County Library is a division of Salt Lake County Department of Community Services.

Work Hours/Benefits

The Library offers a variety of positions both full and part-time. The majority of our positions, both full and part-time, are eligible for benefits. To support branch staffing needs, the Library employs for non-benefited, substitute positions as well.

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The County Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Questions about the online application process should be directed to Salt Lake County Human Resources: 385.468.0570.